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President's Day
Monday Feb 16th
Memorial Day
Monday May 25th

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The renovations being done on the Clifton Community Center are finally concluding after a long 18 months. We are thrilled to have been made so welcome by the staff of the McKie Community Center in Northside and the community of that area alike, but it's good to know that we are finally getting ready to go back to the center that has been home to the Cincinnati Fencing Club for so long!

I have had the opportunity to take a tour through the completely refurbished facility and it is spectacular! They have done an enormous amount of work on the building and expanded their usable space significantly. 

The Cincinnati Fencing Club will return to the Clifton Center on the 5th of January, which will be a Monday class night. As per usual, we will begin at 7:30pm and will begin clean up at 8:45pm. Advanced fencers will still have a second meeting day of Thursdays with fencing starting at 7:00pm and going until 8:45pm.  

We are also in the midst of orgainizing our store room at Clifton, and there are big things on the way! Most importantly, however, is finally having a space to hang this hand painted beauty! This original banner has been rolled up in a poster tube for at least the last 20 years and finally is out, proudly flying the crest of the Cincinnati Fencing Club!

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