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Memorial Day
Monday May 30th

Independence Day 
Monday July 4th

Labor Day 
Monday September 5th

Thursday November 24th

USFA Rating Chart

The following link will take you to askfred.net for the explanation of how the ratings given out during a tournament are determined. USFA Ratings.

NKYFA is at it again. This time, they are taking down St. Patrick's Day with another epee tournament.

As per usual, they will be starting with a Y14 epee tournament, then moving on to an Unrated Epee, finishing with a Senior Mixed Epee to wrap things up. It will be fun, there will be fencing, there will be sandwiches and coffee, and there is an site adjacent craft rum distillery. The only real question is where will you be?

What's this!? A murderous winter competition? What's this!?

NKFA is hosting it's second epee tourney on Dec. 5th - Santa's Slay! 

Y14 at 9 am, Unrated at 10 am and Open at noon!
All epee, all the time!
Open is a C1 and growing daily. If you are free, come on up for some jolly good Holiday stabbing. 

August 12th, 2015

Celebrate talk like a pirate day (September 19th, 2015) with your favorite hometown fencers at NKY Fencing Academy's first tournament in their new, dedicated 

all epee tournament featuring three events.location. They are hosting an 

The morning will be starting at 9:00am with a Youth Under 14 Mixed Open Epee, allowing the younger fencers to compete 

with each other before the old guys show up. This should also give the kids a chance to tire themselves out before the old guys show up.

Next, starting at 11:00am is the Unrated Senior Mixed Epee open to anyone, of any age, that does not yet have a USFA rating in epee. Anyone starting in fencing that has just gotten their first USFA membership will start with an Unrated (or "U") rating. This is a way to limit the number of experienced fencers in the event, especially ones

 who are actively competing in tournaments. If at least 6 Unrated fencers come out, then the first place will come with an "E"! For more information about USFA Ratings progression, follow this link, or the one to the left!

Finally, at 1:00pm, is the Senior Mixed Epee. This is, of course, an unbridled free for all! All ages, skill levels, ratings and genders welcome! We may talk like pirates while fencing, we may swash buckle a little, we will definitely have fun! Ned (of NKY Fencing Academy) has mentioned that there may be some pirate-appropriate rum, from neighboring distillery Second Sight Spirits, available as first prize (must be received by someone over 21 years old) and that there will be some food and drink to enjoy once the fencing has come to it's violent and inevitable end!

Renovations on the Clifton Community Center Completed

December 8th, 2014

The renovations being done on the Clifton Community Center are finally concluding after a long 18 months. We are thrilled to have been made so welcome by the staff of the McKie Community Center in Northside and the community of that area alike, but it's good to know that we are finally getting ready to go back to the center that has been home to the Cincinnati Fencing Club for so long!

I have had the opportunity to take a tour through the completely refurbished facility and it is spectacular! They have done an enormous amount of work on the building and expanded their usable space significantly. 

The Cincinnati Fencing Club will return to the Clifton Center on the 5th of January, which will be a Monday class night. As per usual, we will begin at 7:30pm and will begin clean up at 8:45pm. Advanced fencers will still have a second meeting day of Thursdays with fencing starting at 7:00pm and going until 8:45pm.  


A new space, some new gear, but that same, classic Cincinnati Fencing Club look!

Now that we've settled back into the ancestral stomping grounds of the CFC, the Clifton Community Center, we're trying to make the most of our new storage area! While that might not be exciting to everyone, for our instructors, having a rolling cart for jackets so that they are organized and have  chance to air out a little, is a pretty big deal.

Also, we've invested in our first Virtual Scoring Machine, which allows us to do simulated direct elimination Epee bouts with the VSM's integrated software, which is an awful lot of fun!

So, heading into the summer months, come join us for some safe and friendly combat!


We have recently ordered equipment for the club from fencing.net. The order was not fully filled and all attempts to reach the company by phone, by email, and by use of their customer service help desk have gone unanswered.

Additionally, their listed phone number returns a no longer in service message.

The portion of the order that was fulfilled, took an exceedingly long time to arrive, and was drop shipped directly from Absolute Fencing Gear. Their order was missing some of the equipment that was listed on the invoice from fencing.net. This leads me to believe that fencing.net was slow in filling, then finally passed the order through a 3rd party, missing part of the order due.

We have given fencing.net as much benefit of the doubt as possible on this, but it is apparent that fencing.net is no longer a trusted vendor and recommend that you try one of the other companies listed.

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