Advanced Fencing

Fencing For A Lifetime

For fencers who have had previous experience, or for those that have completed our beginner and intermediate level lessons, we offer ongoing opportunities for fencing at the Cincinnati Fencing Club.

We are entirely operated by volunteers, which includes all our officers, coaches, and administrators. We all pitch in because we love the sport and want to make sure that we can provide anyone and everyone with exposure that wants it. We keep our prices at a level that has been described as "insanely low" in order to be affordable for everyone.

We aren't doing this to make money. We run this club to make sure that there is a club in Cincinnati that is available for everyone.

So what that means is that we offer an opportunity to fence twice a week with some focus on coaching on of those nights. We also provide a low cost forum for fencers from all over Cincinnati to come together and fence with one another without committing to multiple different clubs.

How This Works

Monday nights the advanced classes start at 7:30pm. Nate Westcott, club president, runs a 20-30 minute rudimentary skill and drill lesson that emphasizes the importance of basic skills and concepts of form in the sport. The goal of these practices is to keep things simple and quick, working to elevate newer fencers to the sport, and to aid experienced fencers in keeping their fundamentals fresh as they progress through their training. After doing floor work and basic exercises, then the floor is open for fencing, and  when possible, some one-on-one coaching is available to those that would like help developing their fencing skills.

We keep these lessons loose and fun, suggestions are always welcome and anything that you want to work on can be worked into the curriculum on request.

With interest in epee fencing at the club constantly increasing, we are regularly setting up 2 electric strips for open fencing after finishing the floor drills. The club does maintain a selection of electric epee equipment that club members are welcome to use if they are interested in trying out the sport. With NKYFA holding epee tournaments every 2 months during the competition season, this a great way to dip your toe in the competition pool.

Then The Fun Begins!

Thursday nights are fight nights! We start a little earlier (we have the gym floor starting at 7:10pm promptly) and we go until 8:50pm. We have no formal lessons planned for Thursdays, only open fencing that is restricted to fencers who have gone through at least 11 weeks of training (which constitutes our beginner and intermediate level lessons).

This opens up a couple of different opportunities. It means that all our club's volunteers who coach are available for free fencing (which is what they look forward to), and  have the availability to work one on one with fencers that want to develop their skills.

Open fencing can be any of the three weapons, generally we start with a little sabre and then branch out into foil and epee based on who is there and what their interest is. The club also has a selection of scoring equipment and some electric weapons, body cords, lames, etc, which members are welcome to use.

A Place For Fencers To Come Together

We strive to create a fun and challenging, recreational environment for fencers to meet and test their skills against one another in a friendly forum that embodies the gentlemanly nature of the sport. The Cincinnati Fencing Club has low cost, one time fees, no large time commitments, and no necessity for club exclusivity, because we want it to be a place for fencers from all schools, salles, and clubs to come to broaden their experience.

All comers are welcome, first time is free.