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2024 Holiday Closures at the Clifton Recreation Center

NKYFA St Paddy's DAy SLay!

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March 9th 2024! 

Unrated Mixed Epee at 9:00am!

C & Under (Div 2) Mixed Epee at 11:30am!

Senior Mixed Epee  at 2:30pm!

Class at Clifton Rec: Monday evenings

Monday evenings we are running both our beginner classes through the Cincinnati Recreation Commission and our continuing programing for members intermediate level and on. Anyone interested in getting involved with that class can contact Dick Males to be added to the waiting list for the upcoming sessions.

Advanced classes and open floor fencing, doors at 6:50pm and class begins at 7:05pm. Floor drills usually take about 20-25 minutes and then open floor fencing until 8:45pm.

For those club members that are interested in getting some extra fencing in, we will be continuing our engagement with NKFA. Nate Westcott will be running classes for both groups on Thursdays going forward and we have been invited to continue attending on those days.

Please follow this link to get more information and get in touch with instructors to sign up for the waitlist on upcoming beginner classes!


Following the guidelines laid out by the USFA and the conventions being used across the country, along with an agreement with our partner club in Northern Kentucky, we are moving to a fully voluntary masking policy.

At this point, masks are not required at any point, though we have them available for any that want them and anyone wanting to use protection is welcome to do so.


With masks going away, we are still encouraging everyone to follow their medical professional's advice regaurding vaccines, risk factors, and preventative measures to preserve health.

If you are feeling unwell in any way, please, take the week off, get better, come back stronger.


This used to be about 6 foot social distancing, now it is once again about fencing!

Distance is the crucial key to the art of fencing. Being in the distance that your game requires while denying your oppenent the same is what the sport is about at a fundamental level.


With restrictions falling away as we move forward, we are excited to see numbers returning to the gym floor that rival our attendence prior to the pandemic. 

We are all so very excited to be seeing interest returning to the sport, especially now as our ability to incorporate larger group numbers to our programming.

Our Bluegrass friends

Throughout the pandemic, we have partnered with the fine folks down in Ludlow, KY to help their students get back on the piste and to give our members a place for the serious business of fencing! It has been a fantastic partnership and a testament to the small family that is fencing and the wonderful partnerships that exist between our groups.

Nate Westcott is running floor drills and holding open floor fencing for the members of NKYFA along with those that have membership with the Cincinnati Fencing Club on Thursday nights, doors opening at 7pm and the floor open until everyone is too tired to go on!

Map and directions below.

looking back, wistfully

I've been going back through old files, photos, and the like; riding on waves of nostalgia. I've pulled out some photos going back to 2014 when we were meeting at McKie recreation center while the Clifton rec was being renovated!

These are trying and difficult times for everyone, but it's important that this club has been around for a very, very long time. It is entirely thanks to the people in these photos, the instructors like Kim, Dale, Dick, Adam, and Nate; the officers of the club like Mike; the members of the club, both new to the sport and old to the club. We will bounce back. We will, together, overcome the challenge that is this disease and the necessary hardships that we endure so that we may all endure.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a little look back!

Competetive Fencing and Upcoming Tournaments

If you are excited to learn more about competition fencing, if you are looking for upcoming tournaments, or if you are looking for results from previous tournaments, then it is time to get acquainted with 

AskFred is a database open to the fencing community to organize tournaments, keep results and data about fencer's careers, and give a unified place for clubs to advertise their upcoming events!

For information on upcoming tournaments follow this link to see all tournaments "near" Cincinnati (AskFred is a little broad in it's definition of near):

Check out this link for a search of tournaments with a limit of a 100 mile drive.

USFA Rating Chart

Academy of Fencing Masters Blog is a great resource for information by fencers and parents of athletes, talking about all the stuff that we all wonder about. Wonder no longer, start learning today!

The following link will take you to for the explanation of how the ratings given out during a tournament are determined. USFA Ratings.

Also, this article goes into all the nitty-gritty of earning your ratings: 

Fencer Ratings Made Simple