All prices listed for beginner sets of equipment are listed from the price for a Basic 4pc Foil Set ranging to a Basic 4pc Sabre Set.

A 4pc set includes a practice weapon, a mask, a glove, and a jacket.

Generally set prices will be between 20-30% less expensive than if you were to buy the pieces of the set individually from the supplier.

Prices may not be accurate, as they are only occasionally checked for currency (most recently 8/1/18), but are intended to be an indicator of cost from one equipment provider to another.

Please note: Some websites offer beginner sets that only include the uniforms, for fencers that already have weapon(s) and do not need any additional ones.

All equipment providers have sets ranging from the cheapest to the higher quality equipment and also offer sets that include additional pieces (such as fencing bags or pants) and also sets for electric (competition) equipment. For the purpose of this resource all pricing is listed as like items, as much as possible.