A classic southwest ohio tournament is back from retirement!

Thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of VP Evan McNicholas, Treasurer Jessica Betteridge, and Secretary Nick Aguilar, the Greater Cincinnati area will see the return of the Botterell, the premier Cincinnati Fencing Club tournament that has been in retirement since it's last running in 2012.

February 11th, 2023 will see the return of this classic local event, hosted in Ludlow, KY by NKYFA along with CFC. It will be an Epee tournament with events in Mixed Div 3 and Mixed Open, link to



Also a big round of applause for Guy Manaugh (5), Nick Aguilar (9), Joe York (12), Anthony Betts (13), Zach Miller (14), Reed Demangone (15), Calliope Manaugh (16), Mengyao Lyu (18), Loyd Briski (19), Luke Schnur (20), Alice King (21), Sam Tluchowski (22), Elizabeth Foreman (23), Brennan McCoy (24), and Cecelia Charlton (25)!

Congratulations to everyone on a fanstastic performance, a well run and friendly event, and a great day of fencing!

D & Under Mixed epee

Also, let's hear it for our team mates!

Andy Brownfield (5), Calliope Manaugh (8), Joe York (9), Zach Miller (11), Sam Tluchowski (13), Luke Schnur (14), Mengyao Lyu (15), Alice King (17), Emma Abrahamson (18), Elizabeth Foreman (20), Riordan McIntosh (21), Brennan McCoy (24), and Cecelia Charlton (25)!

A great morning of fencing and a fresh start to the 2023 fencing year with so many new fencers trying out tournaments and many others at their first time doing epee!

a peek back at 2011 the last botterell