2010 Botterell Wrap Up

Post date: May 9, 2010 2:50:23 AM

The Cincinnati Fencing Club is happy to announce that we have successfully completed the annual Botterell tournament with events in foil and epee this weekend. Fencers from AFAD, University of Cincinnati, Glendale Center for Martial Arts, as well as our own Cincinnati Fencing Club were represented on what turned out to be a beautiful day of fencing.

Epee concluded at 11:15am. Gold was awarded to Charles Flatt, Silver to Alex Obrazcova, and Bronze went to Les Mitchell and Mike Ress.

Foil had a total of 15 competitors and concluded at 3:00pm. Gold was awarded to Peter McOwen, Silver to Adam Miller, and Bronze to Les Mitchell and Richard Fetter.

The Botterell is a long standing annual competition that features a unique statue that was donated decades ago by a former club member. A part of the Botterell competition is a point tally that awards the honor of the statue to the highest scoring division. This year the honor will be given to the fencing clubs of the Southwest Ohio Division by overwhelming majority.

The club extends its gratitude to all of the participants for their excellent efforts and admirable sportsmanship, the Clifton Recreation Center and it's staff for working tirelessly to enable this weekend's events, and the many volunteers from all the clubs that worked to ensure that the 2010 Botterell would live up to the pedigree that it deserves.